The Suicide Squad Game Box For BMG is Amazing!

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The Suicide Squad Game Box For BMG is Amazing!

The Suicide Squad Game Box for the Batman Miniature Game is one of the most complete "get started" packages for a miniature game we've ever seen! If you've ever thought about getting into the game, this is a great way to do so.

Production values on this set are absolutely amazing. Not only do you get 13 miniatures enabling you to create TWO full 350 reputation crews...the box also comes with custom dice, two reversible (and stackable!) card buildings, tokens, objective markers, sewers and lamp post markers and a complete rule book.

While this rule book differs from the BMG core rules, and the Flash and Arrow expansion, it is a complete rule book giving you everything you need to play with the miniatures in the box and beyond.

The figures themselves are top notch sculpts featuring characters from the Joker's crew and the Suicide Squad. You'll have to provide the glue, paint and a measuring tape and that's it.

Also, don't forget that the Suicide Squad Game box comes with an exclusive bonus Ben Affleck Batman miniature while supplies last!