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With the release of the updated rule book and Nov 2016 FAQ for the Marvel Universe Miniature Game, tons of existing characters got updates to their cards. The list is quite extensive: Avengers - Captain America & Thor Brotherhood of Evil Mutants - Lady Mastermind & Toad Dark Avengers - Ms. Marvel & Sentry Deadpool Emma Frost Guardians of the Galaxy - Drax & Gamora Hawkeye Hulk Jean Grey Nova Sabretooth Thing Vision X-Men - Colossus, Rogue & Wolverine Be sure to have a look at the product pages below to make sure that you've got all the latest cards.  Don't...

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With the BvS Trinity set being the first release for the DC Universe Miniature Game coming soon, a lot of people were wondering what else was coming. Knight Models has already got a massive catalog of DC characters available for the Batman Miniature Game, and now with the release of the DCU rules online, you can use some of them! We highly recommend downloading the rule book and reading it over. Some of the highlights inside include: Several new scenarios such as "Boom Tubes" and "Rifts", A team card for the Justice League of America, and Rules cards for existing Knight...

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