Thank You From o2media

Thank You From o2media

Wow, just wow! Thanks to everyone who has trusted us here at o2media with their comic-related gaming needs. Because of you we've sold out of almost the entire line of Marvel products we had in stock, not to mention a good number of Batman items.

You can use o2 Rewards to save money on your next order!

Not to worry however, as we've got a ton of new stuff incoming shortly. The newest products for Marvel are en route, so expect to see the Dark Avengers set, the Thing and Dr. Doom available soon.

Several of you have also asked us about the recently announced Suicide Squad game box for Batman, and if we can get the pre-order Ben Affleck Batman figure. The answer is yes, and we're working on setting up a pre-order page soon. It will appear once we work out all the details and get a better idea of when we can expect it to arrive on this side of the Atlantic.

Thanks again, and happy gaming!